It all started in 1976. I took one pottery throwing class in college while getting my teaching degree. I was hooked. I have been reading, watching and teaching myself throwing and everything about pottery ever since. I made cone 6 stoneware, firing in an electric kiln for 26 years. Then, after a few years off to fully focus on my children’s wellbeing, I am now able to return to a balanced life of creating art and enjoying my new family life. I am a proud father of three, 26, 25, and 19 and together we have six. I now live in the rural hills of Central New York. For the last three years, I have returned to pottery, and decided to now work with cone 10 stoneware clay and wood-fire it in my manabigama wood burning kiln. I am fascinated and challenged by the endless possibilities that the process of wood-firing presents. I also paint landscapes in oil, sculpt in a variety of materials and carve folk art out of wood.

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